Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What I wear Wednesday

I am always intrigued to see what other bloggers are wearing.  I love seeing all the different outfits and styles.  Although I am NOT a fashion blogger by any means, I think it would be fun to show you my own personal style.  I have had my eye on THIS blog and am excited to finally be linking up my own posts. Won't this be fun to show the boys when they grow up!? I think they will get a good laugh out of how "cool" there mama was back in the day.
Here goes...
Shirt- Ross
Tank- Thrifted
Jeans- Target
Boots- Forever Young
Jewelry- Charlotte Russe

Tank- Thrifted
Sweater- Downeast
Jeans- Ross
Boots- Thrifted
Scarf- Thrifted

Sweater Dress- Ross
Leggings- JC Penny
Boots- Forever Young
Ruffles sticking out of boot- Made by me {love them}
Necklace- Walmart

I don't know what I would classify my style as.  I like all sorts of things. I don't shop at designer stores or buy big name brand clothes.  I buy whatever catches my eye.  I am not afraid if it is in style or outdated.  I wear what makes me happy and feel good =) Some of my most favorite pieces of clothing are from thrift stores.
So weather you are thinking "Girl you look ridiculous" or "This girl has got some style" I hope the new "What I wear Wednesdays" grows on ya!

pleated poppy


Jeanna said...

Well I would say you totally rock fashion. Your outfits are so cute. Love the red boots!

Jeanna @

Cassidy said...

Ok you have some seriously amazing style! Love these outfits and those brown boots with the lace you made for them are sooo cute!!

Jenna said...

I love all your looks! I've been thinking about making myself some ruffle socks for my boots and now I definitely have to make them! So darling!

Becky @ Petals Lace and Pearls said...

YOU are ADORABLE! LOVE the lace. LOVE it!

Erica {let why lead} said...

Really, really cute! I just followed your link at the Pleated Poppy!

Makaila said...

I love your look! And those boots! Forever Young.. I'm going to have to look for them. Look forward to see you on WIWW again!

katy {of} katy loves. said...

Love your outfits! I love the picture of you with your little boy. Inspiring to know that, when I do become a momma, I will be able to pull myself together into cute outfits. :) Thanks for being an inspiring, stylish momma!

mandi c said...

you look fab girl!

Christine said...

Oh my goodness, I love the red cowboy boots! To die for!

Simply.Lovely.Things said...

So cute. Love all of your boots!!!

New follower fomr The Pleated Poppy

Sherri said...

Red thrifted boots! SWOON! Great outfits. Adorable style. Welcome to WIWW!

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