Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I love him

Just popping in to say hi.
Ryker, my 5 year old, took theses photos the other day.  I really love them.  I never seem to have enough photos showing me with the kids so I treasure gems like these. 
Can you believe he is TWO!  Ah, my little guy.  He is having a rough day.  Last night he puked all over his bed and hair.  Today his room smelled like a farm after his nap.  It was BAD.  Poor little guy, I have been washing bedding like crazy. 
Hope your day is going better than his! Time for cuddles :)

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Pleasantly Surprised

Lately, I have been including a free gift with every single order I receive.  I want to make everyone feel like they are opening up a gift when they get a package from me in the mail.  I have spent many nights playing around with my supplies trying to come up with something sweet that would work for this project.
I came up with this....

Aren't they all so cute lined up?!  These particular bow headbands are made from felt.  Maybe I will try fabric or even lace next... and maybe on a bobbie pin for the adults :)  SO many possibilities.  Yay for surprise freebie gifts!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Shake you groove thing... and a $1 giveaway!

I have been on a headband kick the past few nights.  My plan was to design a simple and sweet headband to include with each order from my shop... because everyone loves a little something extra... and I ended up unleashing a creative beast!!
What do you think about these cuties?
I was feeling a bit retro :)  They are all so sweet and dainty, great for a newborns tiny head.
You can find them HERE.

While making them I had a few extra supplies so I decided to do $1 giveaway.
I have a total of 5 to giveaway.  They are all in size 0-3 months and perfect for newborns.  The $1 covers the shipping cost and makes it so I don't have to "pick" a winner.  If you want to snag a headband you will see a Paypal button below each headband to checkout with.  I will ship the bands tomorrow via USPS first class mail. If the Paypal buttons are gone, the bands have been sold.
*Chocolate Chip is SOLD*

*Butterscoth is SOLD*
I will show you the cute gift headbands I came up with later!  I love them too.
Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, July 15, 2011

A little of this, a little of that.

Hi friends! Sorry it feels like I have been a little.. Ok a lot...  MIA the past few weeks.

I am super excited for the weekend!  My littlest guy turns TWO!  We have been planning a "Gone Fishin" party for him.  I told myself not to go all out this year but I couldn't help it.  There is a TON of cute stuff to be shown off soon... can't wait.

 I also made a bunch of these little flowers and thought I would share.  I am using them in my packages for a cute little touch.
They are from a pack of pre-punched paper!  All I did was punch them out and glued em together.  They would be cute as a banner or other decoration around the house.  I got them at JoAnn in the scrapbook section.

I am SO excited to share these too!! I love them all so much.  They all remind me of some kind of vintage, whimsical daydream :)
Ahhhh so pretty! 
Have a lovely weekend.  I will be back with birthday pictures. YAY!

Friday, July 1, 2011

A "DUH" moment!

I have several headbands like this that I have made for myself.  Usually when I put them on with straight hair they look silly to me.  Well, today I figured out why....
** Make sure you put the band part OVER your ears so that they are pinned down.  Otherwise, you look like you have huge ears poking out!
I LOVE it now and just thought I'd share the tip with you :)
I have some here too!
Have a happy day friends!