Friday, December 31, 2010

Twelve Months of Moments in 2010

Goodbye to 2010.  Here are some memories my family will never forget.
January- We made West a silly hat and celebrated his half birthday.

February-  We got Ryker a new bed set and decorated the whole room with robots.

March-  I taught Ryker how to use my Cannon Rebel camera (photo by him).

April-  We went to the COLDEST Easter Egg Hunt ever.  I wore high heels because I am an idiot and I will never forget how bad my feet STUNG when the hunt was over and we were trying to warm up in the car.

May-  Welcomed my 8th niece Miss Adalee into the world.  I got to hold her shortly after she was born and felt so special :)

 June-  Began a diaper changing war with West that is still going on today.  If you can't make out the photo, those are my legs holding him down.  I have to sit on the kiddo... he is very strong.

July-  We turned the house into "Winner Ranch" and had a cowboy party for West.  I love these homemade mustaches.

August-  We took a quick trip to Thermopolis, Wyoming.  We Went to a dinosaur museum, swam in the hot springs, Ryker went off the high dive, and I gambled for the first time in my life. It was a blast!

September-  Went hunting for deer all day long.  We woke up at 3am and spent the entire day searching.  Just before dark and after we decided to call it quits we spotted our deer!

October-  Reunited with my little brother after 2 long years.  He came home from a church mission in Germany.

 November-  I kicked butt swam at the Roy High Alumni Swim Meet.  And oh yeah baby... I've still got it!

December-  We had ourselves a merry little Christmas :)

24 Hour BOGO Sale

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Happy 2011!

It Was Very Merry & Bright....

I know this is a little late but here is our Christmas details

We decorated... inside and out this year.  We got a real tree this year (my first real one ever).  It was beautiful and I already miss it.

We baked goodies for Santa... and ourselves :)

We talked about Jesus.

Ryker made a gingerbread house and West helped him destroy it.

We drank the yummiest coffee ever!!

We opened LOTS of presents.

We played with LOTS of presents.
To say the least it was very merry and bright :)
I hope yours was too! xo

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Couple Pretty Things

These two lovebirds are getting hitched tomorrow.  She is my bestie and has been since high school. I am so happy for them and so excited for the actual wedding!
I get to play dress up all day in a gorgeous dark purple dress and wear my hair in pretty curls :) I can't wait.  I wanted to share a couple cute things with you that I made... I have been EXTREMELY crafty this month

 I used this DIY shoe idea from Ana Paula at Get Craftin.... I always use her ideas.  She happened to be going to a wedding too. I got these shoes from Payless on sale for $10 and dolled them up with matching flowers and sparkly jewels.
I just hope they stay put the entire time!  I wish I had some shoe clips to put them on but I have no clue where to get something like that.  Any ideas??  Anyways, they were very simple - four layers of burnt edge circles stacked together and finished with jewels.  My feet are going to look quite chic!

I also made the bride some hair clips and bobbi pins for her honey moon.  She is going to a warm, sunny, tropical destination and I am totally jealous.  She let me have a peek at her vacation outfits and I whipped these babies up today to match. 
I hope she likes them.  I am loving the bright blue poppy clip and the pretty lace one.  I may have to make myself some. 
Wish me luck... I hope I don't trip while walking down the aisle!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Hats Are In A BOOK!!

The other day we were at Hastings browsing around at books and movies and I made an AMAZING discovery (to me anyways).  We were just about to leave when a cute baby in a cute hat caught my eye.  I recognized the photo on the cover because I had seen it before on the web.

  I got looking at the book a little closer and realize the book had tons of pictures form Tracy Raver... a very talented baby photographer.  I remembered she had purchased a few of my hats a while back so I started flipping threw the pages and I found TWO of my little hats pictured on the cutest little babies!  I was ecstatic of course and purchased the book.  Take a look..............
So so SO cool I think :)

Oh and in other news my shop was featured HERE  for Market Place Monday.
If you have a little shop you should definitely link up on Mondays.
What a great week so far.  Hope your week is going just as well.