Sunday, March 28, 2010

Some Pretties....

My sister birthday was yesterday.  I got her a simple navy shirt and made her a few pretty presents to go with it :)  I wanted to keep EVERYTHING I made her.  I will probably be making one of all of these for myself..... 

I miss them already.
 Oh and on a side note... does anyone ever get grossed out when their kiddo does this....
Well I suppose the snot sucker tool never looked so cute :)
XOXO Have a beautiful Sunday!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Make n Take BOW TIE

Hello! I am so excited to share my first ever “Make n Take”. I LOVE browsing blogs for cute ideas and tutorials so I thought I should share some sweet ideas with you as well!
I ADORE bow ties for my little boys. They make such a great photo prop! I bought a pattern a little while ago that you actually tie onto the kid and my boys HATE them… it is pure torture to them as I tie it on. I have crochet a couple too but I know that most of you don’t know how to crochet so I made a simple sewn version.

You will need:
• ¼ to ½ inch wide elastic (I used 12.5 inches of ½ inch elastic for my 8 month old… the elastic stretches over his head great, it's not tight at all on his neck and looks best under a collared shirt.) 
• Scrap Fabric (I used flannel because I like the bright color and design but cotton would work great too)
• 7/8 or 1 inch wide ribbon ( 3.5 inches long)

1. To begin cut 2 rectangles from your fabric. My bow tie was 3 ½ by 6 inches.

2. With RIGHT sides together sew the ENTIRE piece together.
3. Clip corners.

4. Pull up ONE side of fabric and use scissors to snip an opening right in the CENTER. This will be hidden in the end.

5. Using that opening you just created turn your bow right side out.

6. Use your scissors to get your corner points nice a pointy : )
7. Iron the fabric so it is crisp.

8. LAYER: 3 ½ inch ribbon, bow (have the snipped side facing you so you can be sure to hide it) and elastic

9. Pinch top and bottom of bow together.

10. Bring ribbon top and bottom together to hold the bow in place.

11. Fold ¼ inch ribbon over.

12. Fold over again so the ribbon is snug around the center of the bow.

13. Hand sew the ribbon into place… try to catch the elastic and the fabric as well to keep it all in place. The ribbon will be thick to sew through so it might be hard to catch the elastic and fabric. If you can’t, don’t worry about it you can use some craft glue to hold the fabric and elastic in place (I stuck the tip of my glue bottle under the ribbon in the back and squeezed some glue in to give it all a good hold.

14. Sew your two sides of elastic together to finish!!

Thought I would let you know it also works great as a headband......

Thanks for stopping by! ENJOY

Monday, March 22, 2010

Giveaway Winner........

Who is feeling lucky???
This was my little lucky charm on St. Patrick's Day....

Anyway, you should be feeling quite lucky if you are
 She said...

I would love to win this adorable hat! I'm a follower too!
March 22, 2010 12:31 AM

Kim, let me know the size you need and your shipping address my email is

And as always thank you soooo much to everyone who left a comment and became a follower. I appreciate all of your kindness!

Stop by again… I feel like I am getting better at this blog thing :) I have some cute ideas to share soon, things you can make too! Lots in the works as usual but somehow 8 am turns into 8 pm and there is not much to show for it but a room scattered with toys from my boys. Speaking of boys I have one under my desk pulling at the mouse cord.
Off to watch Princess and the Frog! Enjoy your evening!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Newsboy+Bow Tie= HOLY CUTE

Cute right???  I get ideas for new things all the time but sometimes I make the item, love it and then a couple days pass and I am like-- what was I thinking!?!  I think this is a keeper though.  It's super adorable for the little guys out there!  I am loving the newsie with the touch of color on the trim. The tie looks pretty cute alone too! This will be in the shop VERY soon :) 
Don't forget to enter the giveaway below if you haven't already!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

March Giveaway.....

Hello!  Sorry for making you all wait so long for this month's giveaway.  We have had a crummy cold lingering in our house for over a week now... it's finally clearing up thank goodness. I am feeling normal again.  Aside from that it has been a LOVELY day!  Spring is defintely in the air! I decided that "Peter Cotton Tail" will be our prize for this month.  With Easter just a few weeks away it will be perfect :)
Photo by Melissa Tsao

To win this cutie simply leave a comment.  If you want to leave your email so I can contact you if you win that is fine... if not just make sure you check back to see if you win :) 
Want to earn a SECOND ENTRY??  Become a follower of this little blog and you can leave me another comment to up your chances :)  If you are already a follower you can tell me that too and have the extra entry. 
This contest will be open until I announce the winner on Monday the 22nd.
Good luck ladies and thank you so, so much for visiting and leaving sweet comments!  It feels so nice to be surrounded by such nice people who love what I create as much as me :)

Friday, March 12, 2010

Peachy Keen Daydream

That name seriously took me all freakin morning to come up with.  Nothing I was thinking of was clicking with the hat.   I like it now, it rhymes :)  I did think of a bunch of cute name that didn't fit with the hat so now I am persuading myself into making new hats just to pair with them... "Snicker Doodle", "Freckled something or other", "Tweedledee &Tweeledum" (perfect for twin hats)!  The wheels are turning now :) Melissa DeGroot sent some picture to me for the shop... so cute!! I am loving the vintage look of this one right now. 
March giveaway will be in a couple days... any ideas for what should be offered up?  I have no clue... something old, something new something borrowed, something blue??? Ha, just kidding.  If you have a preference, speak up now :) 
Sanity time Nap time is almost over.  I must be going!

Monday, March 8, 2010


Hooray for boys!  Like I said before, it is so hard for me to come up with little boy hats (even with two boys of my own!)  I came up with these hats mainly because I am trying to use up some yarn in my stash that I have been hoarding for a while.  So, these will only be in the shop until I run out of supplies to make them with.  I am in love.  I just got these photos sent to me from the talented Jennifer Bahn. I am so happy to introduce........

 "Twinkle Twinkle"
Ahhh... I love sweet little baby eye candy! Who doesn't? 
I am still trying to make something cute for the older babies... these are kind of newborn-ish.  I just got some brown that was supposed to be used for my "Little Flyer" hat.  Unfortunately, it is the wrong shade (I am so mad I cannot find that yarn anywhere). I think I'll figure out something cute to make with it rather than ship it back.
Enjoy your day!! Stay tuned for my March giveaway :)

Monday, March 1, 2010

Spring Sneak Peaks

Today is so nice out.  I am so excited for more days like this!  I have been dreaming up new beauties for spring... flowers, butterflies and pastels... hello gorgeous!
Boy hats are coming soon!  I hate leaving them out!

On a side note the little guy is teething..... no fun :( 
On top of that he keeps tilting his head of to one side... it is so weird. He will not hold it straight!  So, I made an appointment to get it checkout out today.  Anybody out there seen this?  We'll see what the doctor says I guess.  Have a fabulous day!