Friday, September 30, 2011

Fresh From the Patch

West and I got to visit a pumpkin patch with my sister the other day. I have never been to one with so many activities to do! They had corn mazes, hayrides, slides, animals, a corn box (just like a sandbox only with corn!) and tons more. They even took us out to the pumpkin patch and let us pick our own pumpkins right of the vine! It was crazy. We were so worn out after a couple hours. I am thinking we will probably have to go back with my older boy too :)

Have you seen this cutie fresh from my patch???
This little pumpkin can be found HERE.
I am making a bunch today so they can be ready to ship for plenty of Halloween wear :)

Thursday, September 29, 2011

I am not dead!

Hello again!! No, I haven’t fallen off of the face of the earth but it almost seems like that hu!?
Summer has sure kicked my butt and there hasn’t been much extra time to blog. I haven’t even logged on to blogger in who knows how long to keep up with my favorite blogs. I am sad at how much cuteness I have probably missed. I just know whenever I get to clickin’ away in blog world it is hard to stop so I just avoided it altogether. I hope I keep this little blog updated from now on! FINGERS CROSSED!
I also seem to have been bit by the facebook bug. I LOVE bitOwhimsy’s fanpage! I have met such wonderful ladies! It is such a fun way to interact with my clients. I hope you join us if you haven't yet :)  Plus ther are some AMAZING giveaways there.  They are usually HUGE!

I have been crazy BUSY!! Especially with hat orders and all that is involved with that. I tried to look for a few recent photos to share and I guess I have been slacking in that department too. I found a few to show you a bit of what I have been up too------

I have traveled to Florida. It was SO much fun there. I will definitely show more on this soon.

 I sent my baby off to Kindergarten. On the third day of school he asked “Mom, how many more days do I have to do this?” Ha ha!! Poor little guy, the all day school was a little hard to get the hang of. He is loving it now.

I fed my youngest guy to a T-Rex because he is 2 and he's terrible. Just kidding he is really the cutest dang thing you ever did see.  He melts my heart everyday.
I designed a new line of fall hats….. AND Christmas ones TOO!! I am saving those for later :)
I hope you all had a memory filled summer as well. I think I am going to break out the Halloween d├ęcor today…. Well, after I mow the lawn… ick.