Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Gone Fishin' {Birthday Party}

I love, love loved this theme!  There were sooo many possibilities, I totally had to limit myself.  The plan was to have the party outside but due to wind and a little bit of rain we moved it inside.  I was so angry because right after the party started the weather was beautiful outside grrr
Here are the sweet details...
(imagine how awesome this would have all looked in the backyard grrr)
The decor! 
I took a trip to a couple thrift stores and scored most of the fishy decor there.  The green and blue fish I had to painted with good ole' acrylic paint to blend in better.  For the table tops I used pieces of flannel fabric.  In the centers of the tables I placed a jar or two that contained pebbles and real goldfish.  The little fishys were probably my favorite detail.  I wanted to put cattail stems in the jars as well but I couldn't find any outside before the party.  I made a cute "stringer" with cut out fish from scrapbook paper and hung it in the window.  I also put out my older boy's fish play set and "Go Fish" playing cards to entertain the guests.  This year we had the party catered too, it was such a good idea!
The cake!
The cake was a complete dream to make for once!!! No stress on this one.  I used three circle cake pans with different color batter in each.  In between each layer was orange marmalade... YUM!  The frosting recipe was from the back of a powder sugar package and it worked out perfect.  On the bottom I placed a row of Whoppers and Coco Pebbles.  The seaweed was made from green Fruit Roll-Ups.  I used different kinds of Goldfish to swim around the cake and edible pearls as their bubbles *magical*.  On the top of the cake I had a dock made from stick pretzels and sand from crushed Graham crackers.  As a finishing touch, I placed the cake on a stand made from a plate and a candle holder glued together.  It was so cute!
For the favor table we had a lot going on!  The signs were made from scrunched up and sanded scrapbook paper with kabob sticks glued to the back.  I packaged up bags of Goldfish and placed them in a tackle box labled "Catch of the Day".  We also had a bucket full of crushed up Oreos with gummy worms sticking out as our "Live Bait".  A smaller bucket held our feeder fish aka "Minnows".  We gave each guest a bag and let them load up!
Time for me to kick back and put up my feet!  I have until May of next year before I have to do another party :)  I hope you all like the details.  It sure was a blast.