Monday, September 20, 2010

More Newbies!!

Fabulous Melissa DeGroot has done it again...........
I am drooling over this photo!  It is so pretty!  The flower is made from vintage fabric and the leaves are mint green felt.  The entire piece comes on a pink band... so whimsical!

I FINALLY found a pink cotton yarn I like to use for bow hats!!

This headband reminds me of a ballerina :) It is made with bunches of pretty powder pink tulle.

This is another favorite of mine.  Fit for a little vintage princess :)
All these items will slowly but surely make their way into the shop.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Name Game Winner!

I saw this name and fell in love! I hope you all like it too :) 

Anonymous said...
How about Snickerdoodle or Cream Puff.
  Thank you so, so much to everyone who played along.  I thought that was way fun and will definitely be doing it again!
"Anonymous" You can contact me at with you info so I can get your hat made and shipped!
I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!  We have been hunting so it has been busy busy... pictures to come soon :)

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Name Game--- Giveaway Contest!

 I have been rambling on for weeks about my new items and would love your help with this one! 
Take a look....
This hat needs a name.  For my bow hats I like using cute, simple names that sort of  match the hat to me.  In the past I have used "Sugar and Spice", "Smitten", "Sweet Pea", "Bubbley", "Butterfly Kisses" ect.  You can check those hats out in my SHOP to get an idea of what I mean.
I will let you play the naming game with this one!
Here is the deal, you can enter as many names as you want.  It doesn't matter to me if they are all in the same comment or separate comments.... I will be sure to look at them all :)  I will choose my favorite name to call the hat on Sunday September 19th. 
The winner wins the hat and may choose the size! 
I cannot wait to see what you all come up with!
Good Luck!!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Darling Babes and Sneak Peaks

Another quick hello from me. I hate that it is taking me a week in between blog posts. YIKES!
Here are a few cuties for you to see. I am loving the dreaminess of this first photo. She is dressed in a diaper cover of mine.
Photo by Chrystal Rae Photography out of Fort Riley/Manhattan Kansas.

This is Olivia.  I wish I had her shirt, I really like it!

Melissa sent some more photos of my new items!  This in one of my FAVORITES.  I am so excited to get it listed.  What's not to love?!  Kiwi chunky yarn, polka dots, giant pink button... I'm in love :)
Find it HERE.

This is my second little monster hat! 
Find it HERE .

Jamie sent me a few new photos too!  The new color combo for this bow hat is so "fresh" I think.  I am so, so slow to get them listed but I will soon. 

And lastly another "candy wrapper" style hat just in time for Halloween!
Stop by again tomorrow.  I have a hat giveaway with a twist.  I can't wait.  See you then!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bubble Shirt Tutorial

I was cleaning out my closet a week or so ago and I came across this shirt. I doubt I have worn it but I wanted to keep it. I love the top of it but the bottom was way too big. It made me feel like I was wearing a maternity top. After staring at myself in it for a while inspiration struck and I got a brilliant idea!
You can take a shirt like this one and make it into a “bubble shirt” in a matter of minutes.  Look for a shirt that opens up pretty wide at the bottom and a little long so it hits you a little below your hips… like right on your butt. I bet it would work great for a maternity top too… flattering I think :) If I had a little girl you can bet I would search for a shirt to cut open and redo like mine too. Try it out it is super easy! Here is the quick tutorial. Enjoy!

The shirt I used had a nice and wide hem at the bottom so I simply cut into it at the seam line to make an opening for my elastic.

Next, take your elastic and attach it to a safety pin.

Push your elastic through the entire bottom and adjust it to how tight you want it to fit.

With your shirt inside out, pin the shirt and elastic ends together and sew up your opening.
VIOLA, a much better fit now!
Thanks for stopping by! Have a beautiful day.

Get Your Craft On Tuesday

Monday, September 6, 2010

A quick hi and some darling babies!

Happy Labor Day Monday! It has been so long, I know! I feel so far behind right now. There are so many unfinished projects scattered around just waiting to be finished and shared. It is so hard to manage family, work, TEETHING BABY, creating, fun and so on.
Just for an example my baby is currently clawing at my legs… whining and wanting to be held… but as soon as he gets on my lap he is just going to press as many buttons on the keyboard he can. The other just said a naughty word that landed him in the bathroom with soap in his mouth; this is first time for him. Ha, makes me laugh because all I picture is Ralph from A Christmas Story with the huge bar of soap in his mouth.
It’s hectic around here to say the least!

This picture is so calming after all that. I think I could fall asleep in a basket like that right about now!
Thanks so much Chandra for sharing.

Here is a sneak peak at a few more items.
Bliss is the newest hat to the shop.

This headband will be hitting the shop soon.
I love the yellow bucket in this shot of Monstrous Monster.