Sunday, August 30, 2009

Quicky :)

Just thought I would post some baby deliciousness real quick… Ryker is gonna wake up from his nap any time now and I promised that he could play on when he woke up :) He is actually really good at the computer, I think it’s cute.
We are all doing perfect. West is getting huge already! He is no longer a newborn; I think he just wants to grow up already. This kiddo is strong. He hasn’t needed support holding up his head for a while now and he loves to stand! I feel so bad because he looks so bored. I think he might be starting to smile for real but I still can’t tell for certain.

I better get somethings done around here! Have a good night :)

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My three year old is toooo cute!!

This week he has been saying the silliest things!
During his prayers- "Thank you for my family. Thank you for Jesus. Thank you for Spider-Man.
When it rained the other day- I'm gonna take my Transformers Cinderella (umbrella).
While I was nursing West- Baby West gonna eat your booby?!
A while ago he threw a blanket over his head and said "Look Mom, I'm Jesus!"

Ha ha, I love my little man! Hope those made you smile :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Winner winner chicken dinner... I mean hat :)

Thank you to all those who commented for the giveaway!! What a confidence boost ;)
I wrote each name on a piece of paper and threw them in a bowl to pick a winner. My little Ryker closed his eyes, drew a name and this is who won...........

Congrats Amber!!
Just email me at with your address and size you want the hat in and I will get that shipped to you!
I will be doing more drawings for hand crochet sweetness once a month so check back often :)

Saturday, August 15, 2009


Today I am opening up my Etsy shop again :) I am totally excited!! My little West has modeled a few things for the shop......

I also have a few more super cute hats to share, I am just waiting for my professional pictures of them. The flower hat below is one of those. My sweet niece tested this hat for me a couple months ago. This hat is awesome. It is made with white cotton yarn and features a yellow button attached to the hat that the owner can switch out different flowers with... FUN!!

Finally, I think it is about time I did a free GIVEAWAY. I will be giving away this hat (you choose size) with three flowers (pink, celery and brown). Just leave me a comment on this post about yourself or a hat you'd like to see in the shop or who you want to win this cutie for. You have until Monday night to enter and I will randomly pick a winner on Tuesday! Easy enough right :) Good luck!

Thursday, August 6, 2009


Wow, I didn't mean for it to take so long to blog again! Hubby has been on vacation for 12 days so we have been out and about :) He just left for work so I have some free time to post some new pics of the family and what we have been up too.

Warren taught Ryker how to ride his little bike! He is doing so good.. I am proud of both my boys! LOTS of time and patience!!
West is growing fast! He gained over a pound and now weighs 8 p0unds 6 ounces! We are starting to see him want to be held more. It's funny he will get fussy when he is sitting alone but the second you pick him up he is fine! I can't believe he has figured that out so fast! Ha ha! He also loves to pee on his daddy almost every time he changes him.

Jordan had to go back to Colorado :( Now I am back to being the only girl in a house of 3 boys... not fair!! I will miss staying up late watching Hannah Montana and all the other Disney shows with her!

Have a good night :)