Tuesday, June 9, 2009

New Blog

Hello!! I am totally new to this whole blogging thing but I wanted to start one for family news as well as my little hat obsession on Etsy :)

For those of you who don't know me- I am Jacy Winner. I am a wife to the most hunky man ever and a mommy to my three year old son Ryker and 11 year old stepdaughter Jordan. My husband (Warren) and I have been married almost a year and are expecting out first baby in July!!

Life is crazy.. always changing for me.. but I love it. When I married Warren i was able to quit my job and move to Wyoming to start our life together. Not having to work has been sooo amazing and I am so happy to be at home raising my kiddo and learning how to be a good house wife ;) Being at home has also allowed me to create beautiful hats and share them with other people. I don't know what really inspired me to start my Etsy shop but one day I just started and haven't stopped creating fun hats and photography props ever since! I love it! I crochet almost everyday and it never gets boring or repetitive to me. I am very grateful for my success with my hats and so happy I get to work with such nice people that love my creations!
I am totally excited to share news about my Etsy Shop as well as news about my family and what is going on here in the Winner household. So whether you are family, friend or one of my wonderful customers I hope you stay tuned! I will be GIVING AWAY one of my newest hats to celebrate my new blog so check back in a few days :) I hope everyone has a fantastic day!!


Anonymous said...

I like your blog. I have blogger, but I use wordpress... michellenmorgan.wordpress.com

Congrats on your (almost) new baby. I need to write you, do you know what you're having?

Carrie said...
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Carrie said...

Love the new blog! Love all te hats I've purchased from you :) Can't wait to hear about the new giveaway! Will check back often. It's great to finally see what you look like, other than the teeny tiny photo on etsy :)



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