Tuesday, July 14, 2009

July 14

Wow... I have been so busy... and lazy :)
The baby is due in 11 days!! We are so excited. I think we are ready, I just have a few more things to finish up before he or she comes. I still need to make a hospital hat for it.. something special just for our baby ;)

We went camping the other day. We just got a new four wheeler so we had to take that and test it out! I road on it and tried to shake this kiddo out but I didn't even get a contraction!! My hubby was jumping of cliffs , water skiing and tubing and poor me just sat and got sunburned :( It was kind of nice being prego.. it gave me an excuse to get out of jumping off that cliff--

Check out that belly :) I am praying that this baby is little but now I am getting scared!! I will have to post some more pictures of the baby bump later on. I got a few cute shots the other day that I want to share.
As for the Etsy shop, I am keeping it open for now... I just love making hats for babies!! I promise I will get to the free giveaway soon, probably after the baby is born. I have a few new hats coming out too and I am just waiting for my professional pictures of them before I get them listed. I will definitely be giving one away on this blog ASAP!!
Have a great day everyone!!


Carrie said...

What a big belly!! I'm going to guess it's a little girl :) You look amazing!

Photographing Sound said...
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Anonymous said...

When you decide to re-open, if you need some pro pics, we'd be more than willing to trade some pics for some kind of discount as we're always looking for some new baby hats! check us out and contact us if you think that sounds like a decent idea. http://www.photographingsound.com
congratulations on your little man!

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