Sunday, May 16, 2010

Ryker's Pirate Party

It’s hard for me to believe that this…
has turned into this…
in a mattter 4 years!
To celebrate his big day we had a pirate party and invite all his little cousins.

The whole pirate theme was perfect! We tattooed all the kids, played pin the patch on the pirate (hilarious with them all being 4 and younger), and had a treasure hunt.
Here are some of the details you might get an idea or two from…

I decorated all of our shirts. Ryker’s was all fabric appliqués pieced together and ironed down. West’s shirt was made from a cue shirt I found at a thrift store. The size was too big and the color was wrong so I cut the pirate out and sewed it onto the blue shirt!

For the treasure hunt I bought a wood box for JoAnn craft store and paited it with brown acrylic paint. I drew and colored ten different “clues” for the little kids to find around the house. They LOVED it, some cried when they didn’t get a turn to open the clue but they still had a lot of fun with it I think!

Inside the box I had jewelry, toys, candy and pirate things. I made all the girls these cute bracelets using THIS tutorial for the band and iron on skulls from Wal-Mart.
So cute!!

The cake... I can't even eat it I am so sick of looking at it!

A simple wall hanging for decoration :)



Jenni said...

What a cool idea! LOVE everything about his party! I might have to steal an idea or two for Kyan's next party!

Anonymous said...

How cute!! Way to use your imagination and creating every cute detail!! Buying everything at the party store just isn't that cute!!

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