Monday, September 6, 2010

A quick hi and some darling babies!

Happy Labor Day Monday! It has been so long, I know! I feel so far behind right now. There are so many unfinished projects scattered around just waiting to be finished and shared. It is so hard to manage family, work, TEETHING BABY, creating, fun and so on.
Just for an example my baby is currently clawing at my legs… whining and wanting to be held… but as soon as he gets on my lap he is just going to press as many buttons on the keyboard he can. The other just said a naughty word that landed him in the bathroom with soap in his mouth; this is first time for him. Ha, makes me laugh because all I picture is Ralph from A Christmas Story with the huge bar of soap in his mouth.
It’s hectic around here to say the least!

This picture is so calming after all that. I think I could fall asleep in a basket like that right about now!
Thanks so much Chandra for sharing.

Here is a sneak peak at a few more items.
Bliss is the newest hat to the shop.

This headband will be hitting the shop soon.
I love the yellow bucket in this shot of Monstrous Monster.


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