Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Pretty Hair and a WINNER!!

So, I chickened out on the full blown blonde look and went for about half  bleached.
I was mad at myself at first because I didn't see much of a difference when it was wet. But, after my stylist dried it I loved it!
I wanted to look extra cute with my new hair so I borrowed my besties jacket and top... and necklace... and shoes!  Ha, yeah pretty much everything was hers. 
 Don't you love how I look like a bobble head doll in the picture on the right!?

And now for our winner....
Congrats Renae!  You can email me at jacylechtenb@msn.com with your info for the Rocketeer hat.
Thank you to all who entered!  There is already a giveaway for May in the works too so check back soon.  Have a happy Tuesday :)


Jenni said...

your hair looks great and i love your outfit!

Anonymous said...

Love the hair!! Super cute, and the outfit also. Gotta love borrowing other people's stuff, it's almost as fun as going shopping except you don"t spend any money. Even better!!

Renae said...

super cute new look...

YAY I won!!


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