Wednesday, August 19, 2009

My three year old is toooo cute!!

This week he has been saying the silliest things!
During his prayers- "Thank you for my family. Thank you for Jesus. Thank you for Spider-Man.
When it rained the other day- I'm gonna take my Transformers Cinderella (umbrella).
While I was nursing West- Baby West gonna eat your booby?!
A while ago he threw a blanket over his head and said "Look Mom, I'm Jesus!"

Ha ha, I love my little man! Hope those made you smile :)


Jennifer said...

Ahh! He's getting so big!! I'm glad you found my blog! Well I had to give you some credit on my fam blog with your adorable little hats....I hope you don't mind but they are just ridiculously cute! If it bothers you let me know....I'll take the post away. Glad to see your family is doin great!

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