Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cute Covered Notebook Mak N Take

I am in love with these!! They are so darling and fun! I already made 2 for myself… one for hat patterns and another right here on my computer desk for jotting down inspiring ideas when I come across them. I even made a mini one for my little guy to doodle in.
• Notebook (I like the composition ones)
• Cereal Box
• Fabric
• Thin Batting
• Glue (I like Tacky Glue)
• Lace, ribbon, felt… whatever you want to use to decorate the front with

Here goes....
1. Open up your notebook on your batting and trace around the entire book. Cut the piece out.
2. Apply glue over the front and back of your notebook and stick your batting on.

3. Now place the notebook (opened) on your fabric (wrong side facing up) and trace around about an inch or so away from the edge… doesn’t have to be perfect. Cut that piece out.
4. Working on one side of your notebook at a time, apply glue all around the edges of your first side. Fold in the corners.

5. CLIP your fabric in the center up to the book.
6. Now you can fold in the rest of the sides. The outside of your book should have a pretty/clean finish now.
7. REPEAT on the other side with gluing, folding in the corners and folding in the rest of the sides.

8. Measure the inside of your notebook about a ½ inch from the edges and cut 2 pieces from your cereal box to fit. I cut mine 7 by 9 inches.
9. Trace around one of your box pieces adding an extra inch or so like you did when you cut out your first fabric piece for the notebook. I used a coordinating fabric. Cut 2, one for each box piece.

10. Glue around the edges of your box piece and fold in the corners (make sure the wrong side of your fabric is facing up).
11. Fold in the rest of the sides and the front side of your piece should be beautiful :) REPEAT for the other box piece.

12. Apply glue all over the back of your box piece and stick it to the inside of your notebook. This will cover up all the ugly fabric edges leaving a clean finish! REPEAT on the other side.
After I finished the steps I put my notebook under a some heavy books for a few hours.

Now you have the notebook finished and ready to decorate!  The possibilities are endless.
This is how I did one of mine....

1. Cut or rip a piece of fabric DOUBLE the length of your notebook (add more if you want it more ruffled) and about 2 inches wide.
2. Sew a gathering stitch down the center of the piece and gather to fit the front of your notebook.
3. Pin a piece of ribbon over your gathering stitch and sew into place turning in the ends of the ribbon so you have a clean finish.

4. Glue your ruffle onto the front of your notebook, I also glued a piece of eyelet trimming down for more cuteness.
After you are done decorating the front place the notebook under something heavy till the glue is dried and everything is tacked on good :)

Wow that is a lot! I hope it all makes sense! Enjoy and have a beautiful Sunday!


Emily Hartvigsen said...

Those are so cute! I might have to make some if I ever have any spare time. :)

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