Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Few Treasures

I haven’t posted the recent finds from my thrift store treasure hunts lately. I am so in love with thrift store shopping right now, it's crazy. My boys hate going because I take so long. Next time I have to remember to bring more treats. They were both wailing after an hour.
Besides some *stylish* clothes for my boys, seriously I find the cutest shirts for them there including BRAND NEW Batman and Ironman shirts from Old Navy YAY, I found these lovelies over the past few weeks…

I have been on this “vintage and retro” thing lately. I rummage the racks of sheets for old designs. I love the print on the one in this picture. I can’t wait to have a baby girl one day. I plan on making her lots of tops and dresses from these pretties :) 

Look at that tag. 89 CENTS, what a steal that would have been! 

These babies will look quite nice on some fancy headbands.

Oh I am in LOVE with these hankies right now. I have started a collection. I am not really sure what they will be used for but one day they will make something gorgeous! So pretty just the way they are… all delicate and dainty.

Who doesn’t love baby shoes?? Got these for a buck! They are just a Wal-Mart brand but I thought they looked darling… perfect for my niece.

And lastly another of my favorites right now, some darling fabric. I like the pink elephants, a lot :)
Hope your day is going great. I have a feeling this kid—
is going to wake up any second now and I have promised him we’ll go roller skating, or something kinda like it. more like roller walking the way he does it! The little dork is wearing a Batman mask and my sunglasses by the way ha ha.


Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife said...

Great finds! I'm loving the ruffles on the baby shoes.

Also, your blog layout is so cute!

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