Sunday, August 1, 2010

Frame Face-Lift Make n Take

My darling niece recently celebrated her 5th birthday.  I didn't take a ton of photos for this tutorial but I hope you get the idea.  It's all pretty simple :)
Gather your supplies.
• An old frame ($1 or less at the thrift store)
• Spray paint or Acrylic paint works too I discovered
• Bead necklace or I used a Christmas tree decorating pearl stand
• Scrapbook Paper
• Scrapbook Letter Stickers
• Rulers
• Glue

1. Cut your paper to fit your in your frame.
2. To line my words up I used rulers. This is a fantastic technique to use so you can make sure everything is straight and how you want before you stick them down. When you figure out where you want the words press the tops of the letters that aren’t on the ruler to the paper and carefully remove the ruler.
3. For my frame I used this tutorial. I didn’t have any spray paint colors that went with my letters so I actually used acrylic paint and then sealed it with clear spray paint. I didn’t paint my beads either. I left them the pretty pearly color they came in since I thought that was perfectly girly.
It’s simple – paint, glue, done.

The final product!

And this is sweet little Taylee at 2 years old. Happy Birthday “Tail” XO!


muralimanohar said...

LOVE this. What a perfect idea for a present.

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