Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Indian Headbnad --- Make N Take

I have a quick tutorial to share today.  There is still a little bit of time before Thanksgiving to make these for your little ones.  I made mine this morning :) I hope you find the time too!

You will need:
  • Non Fraying Fabric (like felt)
  • Velcro
  • Feathers
  • Basic things-- Sewing Machine, Hot Glue Gun, Tape Measure ect.
Measure your kiddo's noggin.

Cut out two pieces of fabric  1 to 2  inches wide by your measurement PLUS 2 inches. My big guy's head measured 21 inches so I cut my fabric 2 inches by 23 inches.
Pin the strips together wrong sides facing and sew around the entire piece.
Your band should look something like this :)

Decide how you want your feathers to look and hot glue them down to the back side by one end.

 Hot glue a bit of Velcro over the feathers.

Hot glue the other piece of Velcro onto the front side of your band on the opposite edge. 
Hope that makes sense... ( see picture :)

 Front and Back

Have fun and yes, I totally made one for myself too ha!!


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