Monday, November 29, 2010

Rolly Rosette Make N Take

I have this cream shirt and in my opinion it is too plain.  It once had a silver plastic piece in the center but that broke off after a couple washes... figures.  I wanted add to this shirt and spice it up a bit so I came up with..... 
This is the same type of rose that I have used in these "Pretty Pins" and the "Ella" headband.  Here is how to make them yourself!

You will need:
  • A few long strips of tulle or something similar (mine was like tulle but softer, I have no clue what it is called because like most of my fabric I found it at a thrift store)
  • A piece of felt that coordinates with your material
  • pearl beads
  • pin or clip
  • Hot Glue Gun
Cut your material about 1 to 2 inches wide and as long as you can. You might need a few of these depending on how big your rose is going to be. Also cut your felt into a circle about the size you want your rose to be.

Place drop of glue in the very center of your felt circle.  Attach your strip by sticking the end of your material down into the glue.

 Run the glue along the edges of your material and roll your piece around right on top.  I work with my fabric rolled in half so the cut edges are usually down in the glue and the fold is what you see on top. I like to set my glue close to my last row so I have lots of rows.

Continue with gluing and placing your material around and around and around and around :)

When you run out of material just glue your end down and glue a new strip on. 

I continue gluing the material down until the edges of my felt circle are covered for a clean finish. When you are ready to finish, simply cut the material off and glue down on the back.

So Pretty... almost done!

Add some more glue, the pearls and a pin or a clip to the back and your done.

I had to use two pins to get mine to stay where I wanted it just FYI :)
Happy Monday and happy crafting!
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Lauren Barchi said...

Ahh - so lovely!! Thanks for sharing this great tutorial. I am really enjoying my "pretty pin" and get lots of compliments on it!

Kellie said...

This is a great tutorial- it's so clear, and understandable. Good pictures, too. Thanks!!

Spanishbeauty08 said...

I LOVE these!!! I saw your second post and was hoping there was a tutorial. They're so adorable and I can't wait to make one for myself (and or my daughter).

Also, when you say that you get your fabric from thrift stores... is that actual fabric pieces you buy or clothing that you have cut into strips?

KathyN said...

Love it! And you wear it well!

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