Sunday, February 6, 2011

25 Random Things About Me On My 25th

It's my 25th birthday today :)   In Honor of me  I thought I would share 25 random tidbits about myself. 
Here goes......
1. I really love the show "19 Kids and Counting".  I look forward to watching it every week.
2. I could eat Mexican food all day, everyday.
3. I have deer visit my house all the time.....
4. I get all teared up every time I hear "It Wont Be Like This For Long" by Darius Rucker along with "You're Gonna Miss This" by Trace Adkins.
5. I have EIGHT nieces and only ONE nephew...
6. I am on  a bowling league.  We are currently holding tight to last place ha.
7. I have fairy wings....
8. I'm not the best mom in the world... A few weeks ago I fed my baby peanuts, popcorn and hot dogs all in one day.  They are all huge coking hazards!
9. I am not really a reader at all but if I ever decide to read it is only Nicolas Sparks books.
10. I was a single mama to my redhead for a couple years....
11. I HATE grocery shopping.  It is my most dreaded day of the week.
12. I get ready (hair, make-up, cute clothes) pretty much everyday even if we just stay at home. 
13. I have been wearing my husbands Old Spice deodorant for about 2 weeks now because I keep forgetting to buy my own.
14. I swam my guts out for about 10 years and had some pretty mean muscles too I might add....
15. My favorite snack in the whole world is Goldfish.  I could live on them.
16. I wold definitely choose a trip to a thrift store verses the mall.
17. I love love love being pregnant (photo with West in the belly) ....
18. I haven't had to buy red meat for months.  Thanks to my hubby's hunts we have a ton of meat in the freezer. 
19. I have been on a cruise to the Caribbean....
20. I don't have a middle name.
21.  The only real job I ever had was life guarding.  I did it for YEARS!
22.  I have a ferret named Franklin.
23.  I don't mind clowdy and rainy days, I kinda love them...
24. I drive the same car I've had since high school! It's embarrasing :)
25. I have met Captin Jack Sparrow.  Just kidding, but I have been to a wax muesum.
Well that was fun! I am off to get ready for the day.  I am going to wear my favorite little polka dot dress.  We are headed to my in-laws for the Super Bowl.  GO TEAM... I don't really know who we are cheering for ha ha.


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