Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wednesday Already???

This week sure is flying by and has been busy as usual.  I have been working on a few new project and driving myself crazy with every single one of them.  It takes me forever to design new items sometimes.  I just sit there and stare at what I have to work with and make piles and piles of objects that go together all around the house.  A few things have come together so far.  Like this cutie....
A simple new headband from some vintage trimmings and buttons.

Also, I used my Project ReStyle this week for a new hat in the shop.... again.  I couldn't help it. I need a little multitasking these days :)  
 I took this knit scarf....
...unraveled it... wound it up into one giant ball and crochet it into a few of these.....

These are new too!  They will be listed soon.  Can you tell I had an extra big golden button??
And here is a sneak peak (really sneaky) at something I am super excited about.
I can't wait till I can show off the finished piece in action!
Hope you enjoyed my rambling. 
Night Night.


Emily Hartvigsen said...

Oh my gosh! That #7 hat is to die for! SO pretty. If only I had a girl. :)

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