Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Too Cute Turtles

I've been pretty laid back lately. 
No to-do lists, no rushing, no schedules, no staying up late or waking up early, no deadlines... just kind of whatever, whenever attitude.  With all this time on my hands I've been making a few things for me for once.
This was one of those projects you start not realizing how much work is ahead.  You make it about half way through and decide maybe it is too much work and you might quit.  Then you think about it and figure you have already invested so much time and effort into it that you might as well finish. 
I finished. 
Meet Mama Mia...

She lays eggs....

...and has has two incredibly cute babies named "Walnut" and "Almond"...

A lot of work for me but too cute!
I got the pattern from this book.
My boys have fun shoving everything inside the mama then pulling it all out.  It entertains them for a little bit.  But, they are boys, they get bored then move onto destroying the house.   


Jenni said...

they are adorable!!!

Johanna Rosén said...

Omg... Please, please, pretty please... I live in sweden and that book is not available here. And my best friend LOVES turtles. Her birthday is coming up now in the beginning of december and I would LOVE to make one of those baby turtles for her... PLEASE... Would it be possible to get a hold of the pattern, just for the baby turtle somehow? I'd do ANYTHING... She's been collecting turtles since we were about 13. That's 19 years this year. :)
If it would be possible...
Please email me at



aquarium supplies said...

Oh god that turtle looks incredibly cute! where did you get its pattern sweetheart?

Anonymous said...


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