Sunday, June 24, 2012

Simple Things Sunday {he loves music}

Ryker tracked down his old music player the other day.  I think it has a total of 6 songs on it.  His favorites are Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" and Owl City's "Fireflies".

I have totally spotted him singing out loud to the music and dancing around.  He is really shy about it so he waits until he thinks no one is watching and then he really cuts loose =)  I'm not talking a little jig either... this kid full on moves to the music!  He might have a future in backup dancing.  Maybe we will see him on stage with his favorite gal Lady Gaga one day.  
Yesterday I got the camcorder out and tried to crawl on the floor and sneak up behind the couch to catch him in his groove.  He saw me though.  He instantly stopped and screamed ha ha ha.  I will get it recorded one day so we can look back and giggle at how cute he was.

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hennymats said...

what a great moment captured! The first photo is my favorite. good luck with the video...

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