Saturday, June 9, 2012

We are ALIVE!

Hi friends! 
Life has been life lately.  School is out, summer is here and we are just taking it easy for the most part.   I wouldn't say lazy, we have just slowed down. 
We spend a lot of time outside.  I have planted a garden and for the most part it is actually living.  I even managed to keep these pretties alive {the roses pictured below}.  I am loving that I can walk outside, chop some roses off a bush and stick them in my vases.  I also have bushes in two shades of pink, white and lavender.  They make me happy.

While I have been away, my Ryker turned 6 and graduated kindergarten!  Can you believe this kiddo wasn't ever late or missed a day of school!??!  It is kind of a miracle when you think about all the germs those kids pass on everyday.  He must have one amazing immune system ha ha.  I was so proud of him.  I had to try my hardest to keep from crying during the entire graduation ceremony.  I just wanted to bawl.

We also had a superhero party to celebrate 6.  More on that to come! Oh and the photo idea is not mine... totally stole that idea off Pinterest he he.  That place is a lifesaver!

 The little boy below has been keeping me on my toes.  He refuses to nap so everyday around 7 he seems to pass out leaving me to wonder "hmmm should I wake him up or will he stay asleep the rest of the night?"  Last night he was up at 10.  Wide awake.  My daydreams of watching Downton Abbey in peace were put on hold for the night.  Instead we watched Bob the Builder. 
Tonight IT IS ON!  Me, a big bowl of air popped popcorn (me and my healthy ideas ugh) and season 2, episode 3.

Sorry for the rambling.  I always have so much to say and the ideas are never very organized.  I hope you summer is off to a great start.  
Psst.... Did you know you can chalk boys hair.... oh yeah baby!  They LOVE it.


Unknown said...

You are such a cute and great mom!

melissa said...

Cute pictures! It is so sad when they finish kindergarten, like now they have to enter the real world lol. Looks like you are having fun with your cute boys!

Anonymous said...

Your kids are just adorable!! Where did you end up finding downton abbey's 2nd season I need it haha :)

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