Monday, January 4, 2010

Apple Jacks Winner

Thank you to everyone for entering my giveaway. Seeing your comments makes my day and I love reading and checking out your blogs!! The winner of the hat is...
She said --My favorite memory of 2009 was finding out that I was pregnant on the same day we found out my husband passed his CPA exam! Two blessings in one day!! (Our little one is due Feb 25th!)
Congrats Jessica :) Just send me an email ( ) so I can get your hat to you.
Holy cow... I just realized I made my 1,000th sale on Etsy!!! Wow, that is a lot of crocheting! I meant to do a special when I made that milestone and it crept up on me fast! I am thinking a BOGO... buy one get one 50% off. If your interested just checkout the shop. I will only have this deal for a limited time.
I can't post without a cute picture so here is something in the works. I am hoping to get it listed tomorrow. I just took these today of my little niece Breaunna (silly spelling hu). Man, was she a busy body.
Off to watch the Bachelor for me!! Ha ha ha such a cheesy show but I am a dork like that :) Have a good night!


Kirsten said...

Is your BOGO sale over already?

julie said...

that hat is SO cute. I am in the market for one for my niece. She will be here in a few weeks. I can't wait. Love your stuff.

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