Saturday, January 30, 2010

Fun Stuff

So I have this horrible habit of starting projects and never finishing them... well these are some of those that I have finally finished and listed at a pretty sweet discounted price (all under $16) in my Etsy shop. They are all so cute and most are one of a kind.

I love cleaning out my craft closet! Now I have some room for new projects.. YAY!!
Like this.....Ahhhh, isn't it lovely :) I have been wanting to design a bonnet for forever and finally one morning just came up with this! My cousin was kind enough to lend me her baby, Adrie for testing! She was wide awake for the longest time and finally crashed for me. Then I moved her like twice and BAM, she was awake again! But I had a blast playing photographer with her :)

Oh and I have to share these pictures... I dressed my boys up nice on Sunday and had my mom take a few shots of us. She did pretty good and actually got my good side ha ha!
I love the ones of me and West.. I don't have a ton of just us. Anyway, I better go get something made for dinner!! Hope you have a nice, quiet evening... that is what I am hoping for :)


melissa said...

Cute pics! I have tons of unfinished afghans, I never even finished Paisley's LOL, oh well at least Avenley got one

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