Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Teddy Bear Sweetness

I don't make a ton of these bear hats but when I got an order for one the other day I decided to make one for West too.  We had a little photo session yesterday and I am loving the results!  He was such a good model!  He makes the most serious faces though... just check out the blog header for example!! 
Awe... melts my heart!
I did get a smile....
 I also wanted to add a bow because in my opinion the hats just aren't complete without a bow or flower or button... something.  The bow is on a clip and can be taken off. 
Daddy will die if he sees these.  Am I horrible?? I hope not, I just needed an example with the bow.  I suppose I didn't have to throw on the necklace or flower background.  He looks mad so that is a good thing :)

That necklace is so dang cute right, I made it!  Checkout THIS amazing blog!! She has the BEST ideas and they are all so girly and perfect! I love it  I have never even made a necklace but she teaches it step by step! 
Back to work for me! Have a lovely day!


Anonymous said...

Oh man you better save that picture and show him when he grows up for a good laugh. I LOVE ruffles and Stuff, she's amazing!!

Melissa said...

i adore your creations! just wanted to let you know that i gave your blog and etsy store a shoutout on my blog because i couldn't resist the cuteness! hope you don't mind!

Adventures of baby Kaitlyn said...

I LOVE your hats! I'm counting down the days till payday so I can go shopping at your etsy store! Let me know if you ever want to get together and do a giveaway on my blog! Love-love your stuff!

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