Monday, February 15, 2010

"Tickled Pink" goes to.........

She said...
Happy Valentine's Day!  This is my favorite hat of yours. I am due in 8 short weeks with a baby girl. I have to have it!  Today we are going to my son's friend's 4th birthday party. I know, everyone's jealous!
February 14, 2010 7:38 AM
Congrats Sue!! How perfect, it looks like it is just in time for you :) Totally random too... lucky little baby you got there!!  My email is let me know the size you want and the address. 

THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone for entering!! That was the most people I have had enter a contest... YAY!!  It's so fun to read comments... such a confidence booster :) Stop by in March for another chance to win a freebie... not sure of the date yet so stop by lots ha ha!!
Sounds like a bunch of you were going to have a fabulous Valentines Day!! I hung out with the kiddos and spent some time with some family.  These are the little shirts I embellished for the boys (plus our kissy sucker lips pictures from V-day)!!

They came out cute right!?!  I love them and totally hope one day I have a little girl... these would have looks so cute in pink ha!  They were pretty easy too... just make a heart with buttons and sewed them down on to the shirt.  I outlined them with some embroidery floss too for extra sweetness.  Not sure how "baby/toddler proof" they are but they held up and even stayed perfect in the washer! 
Now I am having all these thoughts for more ideas for cute shirts other crafts and I have been looking at all these different blogs with the cutest ideas... it's bad!  I went out and bought a bunch of plain tees to decorate when I have time. February has been a busy month for the shop!  When I get on top of things I am going to start playing and sharing! 
Have a goodnight! 


Sue said...

THANK YOU!!!! I am so excited!

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