Tuesday, June 8, 2010

A Few More....

Another round of cute covers! They are really fast and fun to make, I can’t get enough.
This is my little guy in a foggy cover. It’s strange he smiled so much for me; he is teething and has been HORRIBLE all day long. He is finally napping. Thank goodness!
The details are all cut from felt and sewn on.

Lacey Frills
I had to try one with all lace… very simple… pin and sew on a few rows! So feminine and pretty!

Polka Dots

Another for the boy!! Horary! Various sizes of dots were cut from felt and sewn down.

I hope someone gets a kick out of these besides me :) I seriously have no one to wear them… I am just making them. I don’t even have the time to make them but somehow I squeeze them in. I am nuts! Enjoy!


breedwoman said...

you should sell them in your store! i would TOTALLY buy some ruffles!

Meghan Rickard said...

If you want to send them my way, I'll surely take them!! :)

Anonymous said...

too cute

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