Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Question, New Idea and New Pretties!!

I need some input for you.
I am getting so sick of the look of my blog. I want something new and “professional”.
Does anyone out there know of anyone who does this? I don’t know where to start and I am way too clueless to do it myself. Let me know if you do! Thanks!
Also I am thinking of starting “$2 Steals” to spread the love for some of my little projects… the little bum covers, new products I am working on and all the other little crafts I tend to make :) I always make things and would love to be able to give them to you at a bargain price. It is simple, I saw the idea here. She has $2 giveaways all the time but BEWARE her items are GORGEOUS and you will want everything if you have a little girl!
This is how it would work-- If you are one of the first to stumble upon the $2 Steal you will see a PayPal link and you can click on it if you want the item. This would eliminate the hassle of having to pick someone, having to ask for an address, cover the shipping costs and the waiting game of a giveaway. I think it would be fun! I will try it later on with one of my new headbands! Have you seen them? Have a looksie…
I am on cloud nine creating them. I always do this; I get obsessed, just like with the diaper covers. This reminds me, I still have three I need to finish and show you!
Have a fun day!


Jenni said...

your new headbands are so cute!

i love the idea of $2 giveaways!

as far as the backgrounds go, i would go onto other people's blogs that you like that have been professionally done, check them out - they always have who did them linked somewhere on the blog! i am not ready to give up control of that part yet, i like that i can change it when i want to! good luck!

Jenn @ My Not So Glamorous Life said...

LOVE the headbands!!!
Also, LOVE the idea of $2 steals!

Meghan Rickard said... designed my friend's giveaway blog:
And when you're ready to do your $2 giveaways, I am SO there!

Ana Paula said...

Thats such a fun idea Jacy. I love your headbands!!

Jaime said...

LOVE it!!!!

Jacy said...

Good idea Jenni.
Oh Meghan I really like that blog! Thank you so much for letting me know!!

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