Monday, July 19, 2010

It has been TOO long

This time I am going to make excuses for not posting anything in FOREVER. On top of never feeling like I have enough time to get things done, I can’t load any pictures onto my computer right now. It is SO annoying. I have so much to show you all. I feel like a blog post isn’t complete without a photo so I am dying.
I received this photo the other day. I love how she is smiling... totally making my day.
Katie’s Little Miss

We just celebrated Mr. West's first birthday. It was a blast and I went crazy with everything having to do with it. I am so worn out but when I can get some pictures loaded I will definitely be showing you. I made a couple tutorials too :) I need to get this thing fixed!  Here is a sneak peek of the party fun...
The invite picture!

Lastly, I am going try out the $2 giveaway I have been promising. I have ONE “Addie" headband available in size newborn for the first person who grabs it. Shipping is included in the $2 so you don’t have to worry about that. I will be sharing more little “giveaways” like this in the future so keep your eyes open. If the “Buy it Now” button is gone (should be below the photo) this headband is sold out.
*Addie is SOLD*

I also just needed to say thank you, thank you, thank you for your continuing support and making me feel like a star. You rock.
I hope that worked! Talk to you all soon.


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