Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Hats Are In A BOOK!!

The other day we were at Hastings browsing around at books and movies and I made an AMAZING discovery (to me anyways).  We were just about to leave when a cute baby in a cute hat caught my eye.  I recognized the photo on the cover because I had seen it before on the web.

  I got looking at the book a little closer and realize the book had tons of pictures form Tracy Raver... a very talented baby photographer.  I remembered she had purchased a few of my hats a while back so I started flipping threw the pages and I found TWO of my little hats pictured on the cutest little babies!  I was ecstatic of course and purchased the book.  Take a look..............
So so SO cool I think :)

Oh and in other news my shop was featured HERE  for Market Place Monday.
If you have a little shop you should definitely link up on Mondays.
What a great week so far.  Hope your week is going just as well.


Jenni said...

Congratulations! That is super exciting and such an accomplishment!

Ang Butler said...

Wow, I love your stuff, you have to be so excited! That is an awesome discovery and accomplishment!

Meghan Rickard said...

How awesome of your photos to be used!! I own the book, Sleeping Beauties, so I'll have to go back to see if these photos are in there :)

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