Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Couple Pretty Things

These two lovebirds are getting hitched tomorrow.  She is my bestie and has been since high school. I am so happy for them and so excited for the actual wedding!
I get to play dress up all day in a gorgeous dark purple dress and wear my hair in pretty curls :) I can't wait.  I wanted to share a couple cute things with you that I made... I have been EXTREMELY crafty this month

 I used this DIY shoe idea from Ana Paula at Get Craftin.... I always use her ideas.  She happened to be going to a wedding too. I got these shoes from Payless on sale for $10 and dolled them up with matching flowers and sparkly jewels.
I just hope they stay put the entire time!  I wish I had some shoe clips to put them on but I have no clue where to get something like that.  Any ideas??  Anyways, they were very simple - four layers of burnt edge circles stacked together and finished with jewels.  My feet are going to look quite chic!

I also made the bride some hair clips and bobbi pins for her honey moon.  She is going to a warm, sunny, tropical destination and I am totally jealous.  She let me have a peek at her vacation outfits and I whipped these babies up today to match. 
I hope she likes them.  I am loving the bright blue poppy clip and the pretty lace one.  I may have to make myself some. 
Wish me luck... I hope I don't trip while walking down the aisle!!


Anonymous said...

HOW CUTE!!! Your stuff always turns out one million times better then mine!! haha I made some flowers for my shoes too, it's always fun to change stuff up every now and then!!

Meghan Rickard said...

What a brilliant gift for your friend!! I'm sure she'll adore them, and I hope you get a couple photos to share off of her wearing them.

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