Thursday, January 5, 2012

Our Elves were silly! {Part One}

Here are some photos of what our very own Bernard and Barnaby did in December.  The boys LOVE waking up to see what crazy things their friends did during the night.  It is going to be tough to think of new ideas next year.

Caught sneaking candy.

 Coloring (only in red and green of course!)

 Dish tower and message on the mirror.

Surprise present with a tiny note and bow.

Sailing in the sink.
 Toilet paper tree!

Riding on the train.
Reading Christmas books.
I will share the rest of the photos tomorrow :)


Unknown said...

These are absolutely adorable !! I can't wait to have children and do elf on the shelf, so many people came up with the cutest things for them! Yours are definitely the best I've seen! I love your blog and am happy I found it! Glad to be a new follower too !

xo. A Southern Bee Diary


Stefanie said...

Your ideas are absolutely wonderful! I have seen quite a few elf on the shelf ideas but yours are the best by far! Where did you find your elves? They are so cute :)

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