Friday, February 3, 2012

Baby Aiden

 My friends are FINALLY starting to have babies!  Lucky me, that mean I get to play photographer.  I think I am getting better with every shoot.  I am learning so much about photography and photoshop.  I really wish I would have had my new lens for these.  They aren't as crisp and clear as they can be. Still, they are adorable and I hope my friend likes them.
I saved a "hoots" hat for him to wear in the above photos!  Those babies go FAST on my fan page sales.  They are so fun to make.  He made the sweetest model.

Baby Aiden just turned 6 months old. He was so little... look at his scrawny lil' arms. I love it!
 Remember that blanket in the background?  I think it is his favorite =)

 Eeek look at that drool... Ahhhh so cute!

 Love a good bum shot.
Hope you had a great week. I am amazed it is Friday already!


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