Monday, February 6, 2012

26 Random bits about me on my 26th birthday.

I am 26 today!  I thought I would share 26 randoms about me just like last year.

1.  I don't drink milk. BLEH!  So, I will probably end up with osteoporosis when I get older.
2.  I make wishes on shooting stars.
3.  I sucked my thumb well into grade school.  After years of orthodontic work and a lotta $$ I have a pretty straight smile =)
4.  I ate 4 M&M and chocolate chip cookies for breakfast today. 
5.  I don't own a fancy smart phone, i pad or laptop. I wish I had any one of those!
6.  I haven't shaved anything in over a month.  I am beginning to resemble a bear.
7.  I am a sucker for vintage.  If it looks old, I want it.
8.  I hate getting in and out of the shower.  It is the worst. I freeze my fanny off every time.
9.  I think it sounds kind of dreamy to live on a farm.
10.  I want more babies someday down the road. A LONG way down that road ha ha.

11.  I have been on a seafoam green color kick for years. LOVE.
12.  I always have gum in my mouth but I don't really chew it.  It just kind of sits there.
13.  I love big, cheesy, cheapy cocktail rings!

14.  When I was 16 I stole my sister license and went with my older friends to get my belly button pierced.. during school!  Ooooo such a rebel!
15.  I sing in the bathroom mirror while getting ready and in my car.
16.  My bedtime these days is at midnight.
17.  I have a new tattoo.... here is a sneak peak =)

18.  I am a shy girl. Thank god for the Internet and emailing!
19.  One of my eyes wanders of to the side. It is so annoying, I have to weed out all the bad pics I post on here so no one can tell. Ha.
20.  I organize both the boys' closet and my closet by color.

21.  All my mornings must begin with coffee or else I can't function.
22.  I've never had a ticket before.  I debated putting this fact in because now I know I will get one!
23.  I use to sculpt OOAK fairies and sell them on Ebay.

24.  Reality shows are a guilty pleasure of mine. 
25.  I am a very match-y match girl... sometimes I will match my undies to my shirt.
26.  When i was little I use to draw, read, watch and write anything having to do with Sailor Moon.  I was obsessed.

Hope you had fun reading a few bits about me. 
I am totally wearing this outfit all day today! It rocks!  And thank you to my mama for bringing me into this world, taking my photos today and slaving away in the kitchen for me.  I LOVE you XOXO!!


~ Lori Hollon~ Photogrpahy said...

<3 Happy Birthday!!!!!

CraftyLeej said...

Www that was so fun reading these things about u! I'm gonna steal ur idea Cu's my birthday is two days m after gray... happy birthday talented u!

Anonymous said...

You are so beautiful!!! Happy 26th my friend!! And I really enjoyed learning more about you. Hope you had a great day! Xo

Anonymous said...

1) i don't drink milk either, and i'm a nurse. maybe we can get a two for one on joint replacements! 2) thanks for sharing that passion for cutey hats with the world and particularly, my wendy. happy birthday!
-hannah marie,
avid baby hat lover and labor nurse

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!! Hope it was a great day :) You look adorable

Jenni said...

Happy Birthday!

Loved reading the randoms about you!!!

Jennifer said...

For f$#@ing real?! No shaving at all???? Lol, you are brave!! You are beautiful, happy birthday!

Because Shanna Said So said...

You are adorable...Happy Belated Birthday! Stumbled upon your happy I did! Glad I am not the only one who hasn't shaved in awhile and I totally wish upon shooting stars!! ;)

Jenn @ My Not So Glamorous Life said...

LOVE your birthday dress!!

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