Thursday, August 16, 2012

Git R' Done

 It seems like I always have a long, ongoing list of projects to do around the house.  It is never ending.
The other day I was in the mood to get a few done!  

This mirror was first.  I recently repainted the frame and it was seriously just sitting on the floor for weeks.  I am happy to report it is up on the wall, hanging happily!

Next was a pile of necklaces that needed to be fixed.  There was  about 10 necklaces that I haven't been able to wear because they just needed one little ring to make them wearable again.  YAY for new jewelry!

Check out my new headboard I scored for $10.  Yes, it might fall on me in the middle of the night and smash me because I miraculously managed to attach it myself.  Who knows how well I did at that job... so far it seems to be holding up =)

Next is this sucker.  The boys need a new dresser SO bad.  They have been using the one I bought 6 years ago for Ryker from Walmart.  It sucks.  The entire top drawer is missing ha.  So tacky!
This baby has been sitting in the shed all summer.  I have stripped all the paint off and I just need to finish it!  I am to indecisive on a the color to paint it though.  It feels like such a "permanent" choice... partly because there is no way I am going to go and strip it again!! It is a good and sturdy dresser though and I adore the big handles.
 Hopefully I will get to show you it all cute and finished soon!


Emily Hartvigsen said...

It's always nice to get a project done! When I saw your dresser, I instantly thought of this that I pinned on Pinterest:
It has the same shape and sized knobs as yours. I want to paint Charlie's dresser like this...someday. I'm just like you, so many projects are on my list. :o)

melissa said...

I love the headboard!

Anonymous said...

I'm right there with ya, always a new project when the pile is always big!! haha Love the dresser, the handles are so fun. And your place looks so bright and cherry makes me want to paint everything in my house white haha :)

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