Friday, August 3, 2012

Hi Ho Hi Ho....

back to work I go......

 I have just completed some new cuteness for Halloween. I am sooo excited to add these babies to the shop soon. I'm holding out on a full photo of them because I want to show them off on a sweet baby head =)  I really think they are pretty awesome.

Other than work we have been playing outside... a lot.  

Don't you love how in the summertime you can just tell the kids go play outside... and they will... like all day long... ? I love it.  I crack the window so I can listen for screams and carry on inside.  This might be a problem when winter comes along.  No more sending kids outside.  Eeek, what will I do?

Also, my pretty sunflowers are in full bloom and although the are pretty they are so annoying now.  The leaves are seriously humongous and block my little pathway from the driveway to the backyard.  They might have to go soon.  One leaf almost blinded me the other day.  It felt like it sliced my eyeball open. Now when I walk through there I close my eyes. Ha.  

I hope you have a fun weekend.  Tomorrow is our city carnival, parade and fireworks.  Should be fun =)


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