Monday, March 22, 2010

Giveaway Winner........

Who is feeling lucky???
This was my little lucky charm on St. Patrick's Day....

Anyway, you should be feeling quite lucky if you are
 She said...

I would love to win this adorable hat! I'm a follower too!
March 22, 2010 12:31 AM

Kim, let me know the size you need and your shipping address my email is

And as always thank you soooo much to everyone who left a comment and became a follower. I appreciate all of your kindness!

Stop by again… I feel like I am getting better at this blog thing :) I have some cute ideas to share soon, things you can make too! Lots in the works as usual but somehow 8 am turns into 8 pm and there is not much to show for it but a room scattered with toys from my boys. Speaking of boys I have one under my desk pulling at the mouse cord.
Off to watch Princess and the Frog! Enjoy your evening!!


Kim Wheeler Photography said...

Jacy, I love these hats you make. They are adorable! I just want to buy all of them. I am looking into purchasing one as I build my photograpgy portfolio. Hopefully I can buy some more as time goes by. I found you on Etsy and I am a now a new follower. You have a wonderful talent.

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