Friday, March 12, 2010

Peachy Keen Daydream

That name seriously took me all freakin morning to come up with.  Nothing I was thinking of was clicking with the hat.   I like it now, it rhymes :)  I did think of a bunch of cute name that didn't fit with the hat so now I am persuading myself into making new hats just to pair with them... "Snicker Doodle", "Freckled something or other", "Tweedledee &Tweeledum" (perfect for twin hats)!  The wheels are turning now :) Melissa DeGroot sent some picture to me for the shop... so cute!! I am loving the vintage look of this one right now. 
March giveaway will be in a couple days... any ideas for what should be offered up?  I have no clue... something old, something new something borrowed, something blue??? Ha, just kidding.  If you have a preference, speak up now :) 
Sanity time Nap time is almost over.  I must be going!


lily field furniture said...

I think it should be this new Peachy Keen one! I LOVE it!! Perfect for Easter and Spring! So cute!! Heidi

Kirsten said...

You should give away a bunny hat for Easter!

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