Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Dear West,

Dear West, 
Today marks your third birthday.  Today we celebrate YOU!  Three years have flown by since you entered this world.  You have learned so much and have grown to be so big.  You are one amazing little  man.  You are smart, charming and sweet.  You are the exact definition of a "boy"... I'm sure of it!  You are always dirty, you love anything with wheels and you are super noisy.  
You bring so much joy and light not only to my life, but to Ryker's, daddy's and the rest of our family as well.  You make me smile and laugh everyday just by being you.  I am so happy that you are mine and that I get to kiss those handsome cheeks whenever I want.
I hope you had a fabulous birthday today.  My wish for you is that the years to come will be filled with wonder, happiness and many adventures!
I "yud" you Westies.
p.s.  Here is a special song just for you =)

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melissa said...

So cute! Happy Birthday. I bet his party will be awesome!

grandma said...

Oh my goodness Jacy. That was adorable. Happy Birthday to my sweet grandson. Grandma L

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