Friday, May 20, 2011

Martian Party PART TWO

I saved the cake for part two... everybody loves a cute cake right?!

The cake was super easy to make using a circle pan and a glass bowl.  I covered it with marshmallow fondant... love that stuff..  and added lots of candy.  We had colorful play dough ice cream with it too!

I made this for the kids because I love a good ole' pin the whatever on the whatever game.
After Ryker finished opening his presents I had a surprise waiting for him in the backyard.  It was a new bike and a bit more...
Little did the kids know that there was a MARTIAN (my brother) hiding in the play house.
I handed out cans of silly string to all the kids so they could attack him but the whole idea kinda backfired.  I failed to open the cans before hand and they were a PAIN to open in a hurry.  It took forever and some of the little ones were freaking out.  He had a pretty scary mask on...
Ha, I guess you could say it was a little mean to pull that on the babies.  The older ones liked it and had a blast spraying the martian.  I still think it was a fun family event :)
One party, down one to go in July.  We are thinking about doing a "Circus" theme.
Hope your having a great day, YAY for the weekend!
(My cute alien nails...  they glow in the dark.. it's pretty awesome)


Jenni said...

what a cool cake! and i am dying at your brother, the martian scaring the kids! so a move that i would pull! hilarious!

Emily Hartvigsen said...

Looks like a lot of fun! That cake is so cute! Jerry has scared me plenty of times with that mask while we were growing up! :)

Anonymous said...

Love the nails! And the cake! The alien mask is super freaky...did it make the babies cry?? hehe...
What a great idea for a party.

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