Sunday, May 1, 2011

Our Easter Attire

Very, very late I know but, I had to share.  Like I have said before-- I love any occasion that you get to dress up for.
I wore a yellow dress borrowed from my bestie. 
My boys wore matching yellow pin stripe bow ties.
I picked their outfits up from Gymboree.  I had to have the overalls for West, they reminded me of something my little brother wore 20 years ago... I think my mother put tights on under his HA!  I LOVE them and they were worth every penny. 

 I am adding a few more OOAK hats to the shop too.  Check them out :)
 Hope you had an exciting weekend.  I did some thrift shopping.  I will have to share some of my recent finds soon, I always seem to find way too much :)


Anonymous said...

So adorable!

I just want to know how in the world you look so amazing after two children! I only have one baby, and while i have lost all the baby weight and then some, i am having a hard time toning...such is the life of a mom! hahah

Jacy said...

Ha :) THank you for the sweet comment! I guess it is in the genes... I am not really toned at all... I have some pretty nasty stretch marks that aren't very cute too! Under that dress I had a really tight slip on so I am sure that helped my tummy some. Your baby is too cute, saw her on your blog

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