Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bits of our Spookiness!

BEWARE picture overload!
Here is a glimpse inside our home :)  It is a work in progress right now so nothing too spectacular to show off.  For example in this first photo I had to edit a light bulb hanging from the ceiling out. Ha!

I have this great wall between the family room and the dining room perfect for displaying things. For Christmas I am thinking of packing it full of nutcracker dudes!
My wreath is falling apart... there is so much hot glue holding it together.

I love my pillow pumpkins from last year.  I wish I could remember what the blog link was where I saw the tutorial.  They were so quick and easy.  I made 5 sets for my family! 

Oooo quite possibly my favorite thing.  My rag rug.  I found this baby at Ross for $10.  LOVE!

Halloween decoration is not complete without a web and window clings......

Hope you enjoyed the lil' tour :)


melissa said...

Awe cute! Did you get a house then? I love your ideas!

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