Thursday, October 20, 2011

A thriftin' I will go!

With my oldest in school I have been making a superb habit of hitting at least one thrift store per week.  It is something I really look forward too.  My "look for" lists are endless and I spend FOREVER sifting through junk to find a treasure.  It is always fun when I get home and start opening bags... sometimes i forget what I bought and I get all excited again =) 
YAY! A boy tent thingy!  I got one of these for my sister's girls a year ago and was so giddy when I saw this in boy colors.  I think it would be great in the corner of a playroom or bedroom.  It is so whimsical right!?

OH MY wire baskets.  I have a slight obsession with them.  Most of mine are stacked in a closet.  One day I will use them to organize my craft room.  Hopefully sooner rather than later.

This is a mini suitcase.  It is tiny and perfect for small toy storage.

I see potential here.  I am going to give it a face lift and hang it in my bedroom.  I couldn't resist the pretty edges.  It will be so cute painted instead of the gold.  I will share pics when this project is completed.  Seriously though, don't hold your breath.
Hope you enjoyed my thrift store junk tour!

Sweet Serendipity


Emily Hartvigsen said...

That's so funny! Just yesterday I found these suitcases on the Land Of Nod website:
They're totally cute, and I want them for my boys!
It's great you found one second hand, for much cheaper! :)

viagra online said...

Awesome stuff it looks elegant and vintage! keep on working this way!

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