Friday, December 30, 2011

A little somethin somethin for ME

Did any of you hit up the after Christmas clearance sales? 
I went with my mom and sister to Walmart and Target and got WAY too much stuff!!  I am excited though, I collected a bunch of stuff to have an outdoor tree next year.  It is going to be so cute.  I also got all the stocking stuffers I will need for the boys for next year.   That being said I will probably forget I got all the crap I did get and end up buying more stuff come November :)

Check out my sweet wrapping paper supply.  The three on the right are extra pretty and sparkly.  My gifts are going to rock next year dolled up in these!

 Here are a couple more pretty things that found their way into my lucky lil' hands!
My bestie got me this darling ring for Christmas.  She knows my color is seafoam green... I go nuts over it.  She is sooo sweet and thoughtful.

I snagged this for myself right before Christmas =)  I think it is my signature scent now ha!  I love it.  When I bought it they threw in a free robe too! SCORE!  Wish you could scratch and sniff the picture.

This is the scarf I was looking at buying from Ruche RIGHT before I headed out to the clearance sales.  I didn't get it unfortunately... spent WAY to much and was feeling extra guilty when I got home :( Maybe a birthday present for myself in a couple months??  So cute right!?  I would love to own something from Ruche!
Psst... Don't click on the link.. that place is dangerous!


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