Friday, December 2, 2011

Elves on Our Shelf!

Whoa has it really been since Halloween!?!  Whoops.
I feel like I have been trapped under a pile of hats and laundry :)  The holidays are killing me in the time department! 

Do you do "elf on the shelf"?  I saw this list on Pinterest of fun ideas and decided I had to get some elves!  Luckily, my mom had 2 perfect elves for the job.  I remember them from when I was little, I use to play with them in the tree.  Our elves arrived yesterday straight from the North Pole!

The note from Santa basically said "You two better be good for your Mama or else..." and "my elves see EVERYTHING".  Ha, we will see how good this works and I will let you know.  Ryker was way excited to see a package from Santa in the mail but was a little confused when it was just two old elves.  He keeps telling me they are just plastic!! Little stinker! I think when they start being silly around the house he will get into it a bit more.
Today they are going for a ride on our deer.  Tonight I am thinking they are going to get caught sneaking candy :)

 Happy FRIDAY friends!


Emily Hartvigsen said...

I want to do this too! But it's not happening this year. Maybe we'll do elf on the shelf next year.
I just checked out your shop. All your Christmas hats are so adorable!!! I also get a kick out of your rocketeer and lumberjack/hunter hats. :o)

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