Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Nativity Book Photos

These are the photos that went into a "Nativity" book for my Mom and Dad.  They went with THIS framed photo we gave to them for Christmas.  The book was a hit.  We all have a copy :)  If you use Shutterfly you can create a completely custom book.  It took a lot of time and in the end it came out wonderful! Some of these photos got chopped off while I was making this post but you get the idea ;)
We went to a park to take the photos.  It took 5 adults to round up the kids and keep them focused.  My sister in law and I made all the costumes for the kids to wear.  I also used actions from Florabella to spice the photos up. I love the results of our hard work :)
Don't you love my niece's "no room in the inn" look... priceless!  That girl has got the scowl down!


Claudia said...

Lovely photos!

Have a happy week and a good start into the new year!


Jennifer said...

Wow! These are wonderful! So beautiful, thanks for sharing!

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