Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Project PJ Pants

 I did it!! I managed to make 3 pairs of Christmas pj pants for me and the boys this Christmas.  I have always wanted to have a holiday pj tradition and I am so glad I squeezed these in with the craziness of Christmas. 
There is nothing too creative about them.  I used basic pj bottom patterns and clearance fleece.  I think adding tops would have been a pain in the butt so I kept it simple :)  I even managed to use the leftovers to piece together some for me... look at my legs in the above photo, you can totally see me hack job HA!  I love working with fleece though, it was like sewing into butter.

This is quite possibly my favorite Christmas photo ever =) I am extremely pleased with my self timer skills! We all look so happy... happy until those dang wall tracks kicked my butt in the photo below!
 Off the subject here but, did anyone get those wall tracks??? OMG worst decision ever.  I swear I read the directions and I STILL didn't leave enough room on the left side to fit in one of the tracks.  I was SO mad.  I ended up crying.  The boys didn't really care that I just wasted 7 wall strips. SEVEN wall strips that don't come cheap and that I would have to get more of before the track could work right. Grrrrrr!
Long story short, I hit up after Christmas sales the next day and picked some new strips up.  Today I tackled the tracks again and won :) Thank goodness. 


Claudia said...

Hi Jacy,
those pants are great! I love them and the pics with you all! Great job, well done! Sometimes it is better, to leave the work, just start again next day and it works ;O)

have a happy week,

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