Sunday, January 16, 2011

Because my is coming up.....

My birthday will be here in less than a month!
Here is a little *wish list* I have made for myself :)

This vintage dress would be so SO cute to wear on my special day.  Found on Etsy.

So, I liked these babies so much I kinda already bought them for myself.  Who could resist?! Found here.

Yellow Polka Dot Rain Boots! Found at Target.
IT"S ON SALE!!! I am thinking about making my own if it isn't on my neck in a month.  Found via beautiful Anthropology.

I would love a subscription to this magazine.  They have some super cute ideas. 

I need a new one.  Found here.  Psst.. .this one is on sale too!

This lovely bed set would be such a nice change in the bedroom.  So bright and happy.

Prettiest stinkin shoes I've ever seen! Via Ruche

Wow, I think that was a bad idea.  I am so tempted to go and order a few things... oh no.  


Jenni said...

love your style! the rings are my favorite! happy early birthday present to you!!!!

Jacy said...

Thanks Jenni :) They were way cheap.. I had too!!

Meredith said... those shoes in the last image are so pretty. totally agreed girl. they're gorgeous! hope you get them for sure;)

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